In today’s high-tech society, more people than ever spend hours each day sitting in a desk, typing away on computer screens. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods of time takes its strain on the body. Oftentimes, people experience neck and back pain from working in front of a computer.

For a variety of Americans, office jobs are also a source of stress filled with looming deadlines and goals that need to be met. Stressed-out, achy office workers experience many great benefits from massage therapy. If you are an office worker, keep reading to find out how therapeutic massage can help you.

Aches and Pains Associated with Sitting All Day

Neck and Shoulder Tightness

When working at a computer, it’s quite common to hold your neck forward, which can lead to cervical vertebrae strain. Unfortunately, cervical vertebrae strain can lead to permanent imbalances, which results in pain in your neck, shoulders and back.

Achy Back

Did you know that one of the biggest sources of back pain results from hunching over in front of a computer for long periods of time? In order for the discs in your back to absorb vital nutrients and blood, they are designed to expand and contract while you are moving. When you sit for long periods of time, your discs compress, which causes them to lose their flexibility.

Stiff Hip Flexors

As you sit all day long, your hip flexors grow tight because they are not being used. Tight hip flexors could result in injuries.

Problems Associated with Standing Desks

To avoid the issues associated with sitting all day, many people have opted to use standing desks instead. However, standing for long periods of time can cause stress on your body as well.

Back Pain

It’s not just sitting all day that compresses the discs in your back. Standing all day also compresses your discs, leading to lower back pain.

Swelling in the Ankles

Standing all day can cause blood to pool in your legs if you don’t move much. Unfortunately, this results in the dreaded “cankles,” where your ankles swell to a truly unflattering size.

Foot Pain

Naturally, when you are on your feet all day, your dogs will be barking. In fact, it can even lead to plantar fasciitis, which is the inflammation of the bottom of the foot.

How Massage Therapy Can Help

Stress Relief

Therapeutic massage offers a healthy way to relieve the stress associated with the work environment. Many people hold tension in their muscles, which massage therapists can work out.

Boosts Circulation

Sitting all day can inhibit your circulation, and symptoms of poor circulation includes tingly or cold hands and feet. However, massage therapy encourages healthy blood flow and boosts circulation.

Pain Relief

Whether you are sitting or standing all day, massage therapy helps loosen up tight muscles, providing you healthy relief without resorting to medication.

When you walk out of a massage therapy session in Nashville, you will feel like a new person. Your body and your mind will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If you are interested in a therapeutic massage session, contact the Nashville Massage Center today.